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  1. Are you guys up for this weekend? We could go with late nights as well.
  2. I believe thats because VCMP cant detect the RPG hits same for grenades / molotoves. You may bring damage to the car with these weapons but it wont be detected unless you completely destroy it and player fails to get out of car and dies and the kill log appears then you should have the points.
  3. Great, see you then mate. @Spiller@Martyrdom
  4. Hello, are you guys alive? EID is near I would like to end this match as soon as possible, already half of us not available soon to be whole team will be unavailable.
  5. Alright, this is probably the last choice we got. Next Friday (16th July), around 13:00 GMT. I dont think we could go after Friday due to half of us are just either busy with work or exams. Plus, the time also can't move from 13:00 GMT due to few of us have powercuts at 15:00 GMT and its hard luck matches ever get done within an hour. Try to be co-operative with this one.
  6. We might prefer this Friday (09th July) around 13:00 GMT. Inform us if you are available.
  7. Team Name: The Jailers of The Damned Team Captain: [DU]WiLsOn Second Captain: [du]pavonis Team Members: =F2=KilleR_FrosT^ [F2]WizZ^ [DU]JiNX [DU]Ronnie [DUz]3more [F2]Bird [DUz]Aky
  8. Nickname: [du]tox1cn00dl3 Past Experience: EAD League 2021 referee.
  9. In-game nick: [DU]Pavonis Reported player's nick: =KF=T. Date/Time: 20/05/21 Reason for report: Racism, mute this cringy ass for a while so he can gain some brain-cells meanwhile. Extra Info:
  10. Only reason, i wouldn't agree on it due to some players have really bad jittr or ping 100 hp is enough for them adding up more armor or hp might turn out something bad. I think a special weapon is the best choice.
  11. This suggestion is most likely to bring more people in the game-mode. The idea I want to share just to make more players follow the game-mode instead of just running for kills and one or two guys from the whole team doing game-mode. It would be great to add some custom weapon as a reward to MVP like onehitkill weapon, maybe a one hit sniper or a one hit melee weapon? Like someone was MVP last round the next round he gets to use a special weapon with a limited amount of ammo, and no he wont lose the weapon even if he dies it will stay until the end of that round or until the ammo ends. I think
  12. In-game nick: [DU]Pavonis Reported player's nick: [RT]UrbanY Date/Time: 04/05/2021 Reason for report: Close Range. Extra Info: (If Any) Well, I didn't record the CRs but the logs explain enough, I guess. On those CRs he did team-grief as well like knocking every teammate with RPG to kill a guy while even that's a CR but I don't think I can report the team-grief since I would need a video for that. But for CR these logs should be enough. He did more than 3 times but auto-warn didn't pick it up, I guess due to he was just damaged not killed.
  13. Of course, you gonna try hard to keep a skin with bugged hitbox, because only the people with gutts can vote to remove it who don't rely on some dwarf skin.
  14. Yeah, just because banned on other servers they shouldn't be banned here. Now, it's on them if they are to use hacks / tools or not, if they do it will be caught sooner or later. I don't think just banning people due to they banned on other servers should be right. And as spitfire mentioned, some bans could be even false.
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