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The Demolition Wars

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  2. The Demolition Wars WHAT HAS CHANGED There were a lot of changes you would want to know about. Tip of the iceberg has been listed below. Hefty Performance Boost The server has entirely been rewritten on S.L.C's SqMod Plugin, giving room to more throughput. Discord bot was rewritten on discord.js which helped eliminate surge issues. Client side processing was carefully implemented, making sure there is zero to minimum amount of drops. Handsome Rewards Every contribution made towards gameplay direction rewards XP.
  3. Version 1.2 (SqMod) The Demolition Wars REVISION UPDATE We are proud to announce that all the reworks on The Demolition Wars are complete! Inclusive of many exciting features, improvements and bug fixes. Set to release this Sunday, 15 GMT. ( subject to change ) ~Team OneVice
  4. Feb 11, '21 Removed base [05] Stauton Overhaul. Repositioned [17] Prawn Island to 05. Refactored server and account database (Stats are retained). More information
  5. I know its kinda late to bump this but since I'm planning to add a whole bunch of round end music for SqMod rewrite, I'll also take some from here. Even though I did not take much from the drive link but I got the idea, thank you for sharing this with us. Complete list (current): However, I can't say much about the quality. I can't really trade store size with good quality here. And VCMP only supports mono channel mode. Some songs are short to as to fit with the explosion sound cancellation. Also added a display for name of the playing song.
  6. This is almost ready but i lack a few objects, I will finish and push the updates within a day or two.
  7. December 28, 2020 Base ID #1 - Red Light District: Changed all three bomb sites with making sure that it's balanced for both attackers and defenders. Attacker spawn point has been set at the Luigi's place. Base ID #2 - Chinatown: Defender's spawn has been changed. Replaced Bank of Liberty bomb site with Chinatown shopping street. If there's something wrong with the positions or map, do report here.
  8. Hello there. So first of all I'd like to begin with telling everyone to calm down and keep it civil while waiting for the results of this report which is what im going to disclose right now. Let's move on to the evidence itself submitted on the post. On the video that has been posted by vito we can see in normal speed that the behaviour shown by his flicks indeed looks hacky and suspicious a lot of us even had our doubts until we decided to investigate the video thoroughly we came to a handful of clues which made us lean towards denying this report which I will begin listing below:
  9. Really? So do you want me to post pictures about my configuration on vcmp? Are you kidding me bro? It you want to be pro like me, use this configuration. /Setconfig game_sensitivity 0.000300 /Setconfig game_sensitivity_ratio 0.000500 (minimal by default) Dpi 750 on Logitech software (I use Logitech g203) Next time Vito I recommend you to join the server to play and experience it by yourself, you can be a good player but experience is the way to know about hacks and you... The only experience about hacks that you have is many friends.
  10. Y-sens cheating is not excluding aimbot usage.
  11. Aight let's talk a little bit now. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-VVVcxufwhA Here you got a little video about how do I do sometimes those flicks to pop heads, as you can see on this video I tried to kill Ibee at first, he doesn't got popped so I aim'ed fast at ELK, who was knocked and was near to be standing, got popped and just mini flicks to pop others their heads. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wuIedpeBkj0 Another video that I present in defense about HOW DO I HAVE TO PLAY WITH M4 WITH 260 PING, firstly, its impossible to play with aimlock in my case, as I said before and
  12. Thanks for the clip bro, unfortunately I don't recorded that moment. Use the youtube tool, set it on 0.25 speed and you will see the entire spray I did. Firstly I popped the head of "TheSkullcracker", some bullets follow the spray before I popped the head of "[VU]Lederhos", and look how surprised I'am that I do even knew that I popped "skull" head that I turned again to keep shooting at him, but when I saw that he was doing the headpop animation I just turn around to SMD which if you put the entire clip, he was the first player I was shooting at. That means that I already knew his posit
  13. Hello There @Tic, according to the most common rule of each and every vcmp server forum (including this one too), you shouldn't post something in a report/topic which is not relevant to you by any means, either directly or indirectly. Kindly refrain from posting where you aren't expected as it doesn't leaves a nice impression at all. Thank you for your understanding. @vito by carefully examining the evidence you have provided, it appears to be nothing more than a normal M4 flick which a lot of M4 users (including me) do almost regularly while playing. However, considering the facto
  14. Hello! Thank you for writing the report. Please wait patiently while a Server Administrator handles the report. Please make sure the report does not violate any rules and is in proper format (link), otherwise it will be ignored and denied. P.S. Do not reply to the report if it does not concern you.
  15. In-game nick: vito Reported player's nick: [R3V]Gohan. Date/Time: 23 Dec, 2020 Reason for report: Aimbot Extra Info: (If Any) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Z32jdxFO70
  16. Granted, but now there's actually a way to find who's clean. I wish I could fly.
  17. Granted, but they can also punch you back I wish every player of VC:MP respected other clean players, their skills without blaming them for lagtools, aimbots and what not.
  18. Only to be rejected afterwards and then booking a room on the top-most floor of Burj Khalifa in dubai just to avail the chance of jumping from the balcony and ending his own life... I wish I could magically punch all the keyboard warriors right through my pc screen...
  19. Granted but you have contracted camp fever and chances of you are living are small and difficult. I wish Keanu Reeves had expressed his love to Sandra Bullock.
  20. Possible but it's a tough ritual you need to go through, You will need to inhale juniper leaves and some more steps etc. Let me know if you wanna be converted to a shaman and best friends with spirits I wish if i were spawned on earth back in 1259.
  21. Granted, but ELK wasn't fake khan. I wish I could read others' mind.
  22. Given but you won't get internet. I wish fake khans like elk didn't exist.
  23. in case you're wondering you'll get a brighter skin just cuz of consuming that ill-fated vanilla, sorry my nibba day-dreaming isn't good... I wish I could get my favorite laptop at the end of this year...
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