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  2. Name successfully changed from [VU_R]Domek to Domek.
  3. Current Nickname: [VU_R]Domek New Nickname: Domek Reason: tag removal
  4. May 26 '22 Razor has been added to the team as a Scripter.
  5. May 24, '22 [RT]Bloodedge has been accepted in the team as an Associate.
  6. Name successfully changed from [VU]Ulkz0r to Ulkz0r.
  7. Current Nickname: [VU]Ulkz0r New Nickname: Ulkz0r Reason: Resigned from VU.
  8. March 16, '22 ZeeX has been promoted to Administrator.
  9. After a thorough discussion amongst staff, we have came to a conclusion that we do not want to give you another chance. Ever since you got your last one, you haven't been much grateful about it, displayed the worst behavior to staff one possibly could, be it arrogance or taunts. There is no reason to believe you will be upto any good if we give you another one, especially since crash attempts have resurfaced. Locked.
  10. March 27, '22 Sections 1.5, 1.8 and 2.1 were updated. Section 1.13 was added. Summary Wallglitch with shotguns has been allowed despite being disabled on the map, until there's a fix for the VCMP bug. Wallglitch with snipers through chain of objects is disallowed, wallglitch with flamethrower is allowed. As no-shoot zone was removed, shooting through cars is disallowed. Maximum use of /ignore is encouraged, staff can not jump into personal matters everytime.
  11. as you know many players joke about using hacks and I do that too much and that's my fault I'm trying to leave this habit and as you know if you download Aurora your account get hacked and it didn't happen to me that mean I didn't even click on that link + yea I got banned for that thing before and I learnt a lesson from it and I didn't download/use aurora, I hope you got my point.
  12. I'd like to open up more about the "ties with crashers/attackers" topic. That incident was more than just cheating, because that was felonious at community scale. RTV was at the center of the incident, partially because the perpetrator was hell bent to go out of his line to take things up his ass and partially because we were the only ones actively trying to show that we will not fall to such egocentric shmucks. Obviously except for the few others who decided to gain immunity by letting the attackers decide the direction of their servers, I personally, will never forget that. It was frust
  13. We have had a discussion within the Staff, none had agreed on your ban removal.
  14. Hello! This is an automated reply. Please wait patiently while a Server Administrator handles the report. Please make sure the report does not violate any rules and is in proper format (link), otherwise it will be ignored and denied. P.S. Do not reply to this appeal if it does not concern you.
  15. Your Ingame nick: [F2]Harold Admin that banned you: don't know Reason: ties with Crashers Date / Time:idk Information:I wasn't in contact with kewun or P4P4 and I didn't help them in crashing in the servers. Supporting evidence (if any): -
  16. March 16, '22 Berkay Khan / ELK has been reinstated to his original rank.
  17. So I examined the report and all the associated evidence thoroughly and came up with the final verdict. @sstkx you were the one who was provoking lederhos continuously by throwing taunts and abuses at him and his clan, I have read each and every in-game log in which it was more than evident that what you were trying to do. And regarding the mute, he muted you initially for 5 minutes which, in my opinion, is kinda soft, at least based on how I personally deal with toxic players in-game. Trust me, if I had been at his place, I wouldn't had muted you in the duration of minutes, honestly. And also
  18. Topic has been locked to avoid anymore dramas, keep this topic clean. Your report has been noted and is being discussed among the staff, please be patient.
  19. Of course this is one of Pain's narratives to get everyone he hates punished. It is not worth a second reading this guy's topic as he is usually someone who abuses not only u1 members, but members of all clans and the community. I have nothing to say to be honest. Just a little reminder, do it, and I will mute you again .
  20. If a player reports another player for being an idiot/ shit chat, we do suggest /ignore or warn the player in most cases. If it's repeated again, /mute is applied or sometimes kick depending on the situation. Let me cut it straight and give you a recent example. Darkel called you a dog or smth, you got annoyed and /reported, I warned him right away and he then stopped. Is that clear enough? As for asking gohan and marty, you have mentioned in your first post that they were there and had witnessed it. It's not that I find your logs invalid, I tagged and asked them if they could add a litt
  21. It didnt have gone unnoticed because i noticed admins about it, basically this always happened in RTV, players being toxic and admins doing nothing and even with it, i just showed my roundstats, thats its a big abuse for you? you are trying to justify lederhos bro, that isnt fair. Lederhos is abusing of his power and admins wont do nothing as i see:/, because if he have personal problems with any player then he is allow of abuse his admin cmds against that player? this is very unfair and biased, even you are asking marty and deko about the situation where i already showed you logs where marty
  22. I'll add more evidence in some minutes, dont block this topic
  23. I didn't say that there are more kill logs, I mentioned there must be more of them logs (stating a possibility) because I'd never bother go and check the logs one by one to see what has happened in this situation among you two. As for players being toxic to each other and stuff, obviously it must have gone unnoticed. Getting back on the topic here, I'll keep it unlocked for a while in case if someone has to add up a few more chat logs or something. Do you have anything to add here, @el_Lederhos? Do you guys have anything else to add, @Martyrdom and @Gohan.? I see that @sstkxclaims
  24. Can you show me logs where i was abusing of other players¿? i just showed their roundstats lmao, if that its disallwed then remove /roundstats from the server, i think youi are making excuses to defend lederhos, enserio decepcionas Wood... EDITED: I saw a lot of players insulting and being toxic, and admins didnt muted them, and i just showed my roundstats and he muted me for 24 hours, the evidence is clear and he lost the control for his personal problems...
  25. I'm sure there must be more of those chat logs where you are chasing him or provoking. We don't tolerate any of that in OneVice servers. No shit chat, drama or any bullshit which kills the game's fun. I've not just muted but banned many players for shit talking in-game about clans, communities or stuff. Be it a staff member or a player, no shit talk about anyone in-game.
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