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  2. AC/DC - Highway to Hel -
  3. The current end sequence music have been sticking around for too long. I believe a lot of us have been wanting some change by now. If you have some suggestions, please post them here. Current list: Castle - Halsey (YouTube) Insomnia - Daya (YouTube) Big Plans - Why Don't We (YouTube) Centuries - Fall Out Boy (YouTube) Feel It Still - Portugal. The Man (YouTube) Hall Of Fame - The Script (YouTube) Angel With A Shotgun - The Cab (YouTube) Dancin' - Aaron Smith (YouTube) Dota - Basshunter (YouTube) Everybody Loves Me - OneRepubl
  4. Last week
  5. Rest

    Command bug

    Yes, it is fixed, good job!
  6. Spiller

    Command bug

    Should be fixed now.
  7. Rest

    Command bug

    As I join the server it tells me to login However, after trying /login <password> it prints:
  8. After a brief usage of abusive content, I have arrived at a fix for tracking hits by explosives. Although it might not be accurate, you can get an idea from vito's post. Each hit with an explosive on the target vehicle will reward a score of 10. Effective from next server restart. Other said weapons remain to stay broken.
  9. Earlier
  10. VCMP has no buil-in functions for that but scripter can use other functions to detect who were aimed car using rpg (by clientside script), when RPG player did shoot (by serverside script), when player trow molotov/grenade, when car got demage. With fuckton of if() conditions you can predict who demaged vehicle, not 100% to be sure but enough to 'reward' by score. So its possible but not easy, especially because of player's PING here.
  11. VCMP can't keep track of hit positions of certain weapons. That is why hitting vehicle with one of the following will not give you any credit: Explosives (RPG / Grenade) Incendiaries (Molotovs / Flamethrower) Shotguns Snipers All melee weapons However I may have a workaround to this, I'll try my best because I hate this myself.
  12. I believe thats because VCMP cant detect the RPG hits same for grenades / molotoves. You may bring damage to the car with these weapons but it wont be detected unless you completely destroy it and player fails to get out of car and dies and the kill log appears then you should have the points.
  13. RPG users don't get extra points for exploding the vehicle while defending, I usually blow the vehicle 2-3 times in a defending round, still I only get the kill points. EX : 5 kills, Score : 5
  14. I agree to this. It will also increase the store size. And I'm not really a big fan of using a lot of GUI sprites either.
  15. I Don't think that placing tonn of such useless custom objects is a good idea. We've might use GUI instead tho, but it depends to Spiller.
  16. Here i m suggesting RTV Server Actually i m saying that , RTV Champ Lobby . we need team's logo and SS to post on the board's and Towers in RTV Champ server base's and also in lobby.
  17. Ülker

    Naam badlna

    Name successfully changed from AchaYaarAcha to =TLA=SanaullaH^.
  18. Sanaullah

    Naam badlna

    Current nickname: AchaYaarAcha New nickname: =TLA=SanaullaH^ Reason: Ye mera naam hy or mere naam me interest nahi karna Wokey
  19. Transferred!
  20. Current nickname: Rusty* New nickname: =TLA=FulToN_619 Reason: [GOOD]
  21. Name successfully changed from Domek_GOS to [VU_T]Domek.
  22. Old Nick :- Domek_GOS New Nick :- [VU_T]Domek Reason for change :- Accepted in VU
  23. Name successfully changed from to [F2]Bird^.
  24. current nick: new nick: [F2]Bird^ important note: back then, there was a problem with server database or script idk Spiller know about it, so because of that I wasnt able to register/login with [F2]Bird^(so made new account([F2]King^ which was later transfered to Spiller put the F2.Bird account in terminated/suspended state. Now I hope the problem with script is solved so I'd like to request staff to first remove that [F2]Bird^ account from database if it exist there and then change to [F2]Bird^ thanks
  25. Name successfully changed from Mody^ to [VU_T]Mody. Congratulations once again!
  26. Old Nick :- Mody^ New Nick :- [VU_T]Mody Reason for change :- Joined VU.
  27. 3more

    Stats Transfer

    Name successfully changed from Alpays to [MKt]Alpays. Congratulations
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