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  1. How about this Sunday 25th 17 GMT?
  2. Unfortunately we cannot do much changes to the timing here as 17 GMT is the latest most of our team members can afford so we do not have much flexibility sadly.
  3. Apologies for the long as fuck delay. Sure we can do Sunday, what do you say about 17 GMT?
  4. Mad Resurrection here needs a server too
  5. I, [RT]Martyrdom. acknowledge the rules and my participation in the event as a member of Resurgence & co.
  6. Rob The Vehicle Championship '21 Rules and Information 1. Basic Rules 1.1 All the server rules still apply in the event. 1.2 You can not register in an event server, you'll need to have your account registered and approved already. 1.3 If you're banned or rpg-banned in the main server, your ban will not be lifted for an event. 2. Server & Spawn Passwords 2.1 Server will be locked with a different password every match. There will be spawn passwords for both teams. 2.2 These pass
  7. Alright im satisfied with your defense thus far also rechecked the second video and there was a misunderstanding in our part so apologies for that. Unbanned.
  8. Ok let's take a look at the evidence. The flicks as shown in the videos (0:20 and and 0:03) respectively where you aim at one direction but for some reason the bullets went to the walls is very similar to the aimlock that a few guys who recently got banned from a server and also from participating in Pakistan vs India were using which would also explain why you are suddenly so good with m4 in bursts. I at first would have dismissed this as being a sens change because I do that myself too at times but as shown in the videos these flicks are not normal, your m4 does not
  9. Hello there. So first of all I'd like to begin with telling everyone to calm down and keep it civil while waiting for the results of this report which is what im going to disclose right now. Let's move on to the evidence itself submitted on the post. On the video that has been posted by vito we can see in normal speed that the behaviour shown by his flicks indeed looks hacky and suspicious a lot of us even had our doubts until we decided to investigate the video thoroughly we came to a handful of clues which made us lean towards denying this report which I will begin listing below:
  10. All that hardwork defending for nothing
  11. Actually convincing reason as to why RPG should stay and I must say I agree with it. Only thing is I cannot change my vote
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