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  1. The current end sequence music have been sticking around for too long. I believe a lot of us have been wanting some change by now. If you have some suggestions, please post them here. Current list: Castle - Halsey (YouTube) Insomnia - Daya (YouTube) Big Plans - Why Don't We (YouTube) Centuries - Fall Out Boy (YouTube) Feel It Still - Portugal. The Man (YouTube) Hall Of Fame - The Script (YouTube) Angel With A Shotgun - The Cab (YouTube) Dancin' - Aaron Smith (YouTube) Dota - Basshunter (YouTube) Everybody Loves Me - OneRepubl
  2. Spiller

    Command bug

    Should be fixed now.
  3. After a brief usage of abusive content, I have arrived at a fix for tracking hits by explosives. Although it might not be accurate, you can get an idea from vito's post. Each hit with an explosive on the target vehicle will reward a score of 10. Effective from next server restart. Other said weapons remain to stay broken.
  4. Round 2 Matches Complete list of matches can be found on this topic or at challonge. Group A Vice Kings vs The Veterans The Carjacking Agency [VU#2] vs The Jailers of The Damned. The Last Alliance will sit out for this round. Group B Vice Underdogs vs Ancient Pharaohs [VU#3] Kashi Arena vs Mad Resurrection Miami Khanate will sit out for this round. Deadline All the above matches are to be completed on or before 1st August. Bases The bases to be played in this round are: Group A [04] Airport C
  5. Final Score The Jailers of The Damned [ 4 ] vs [ 2 ] Vice Kings Bases Played Sunshine Autos Leaf Links Phils Place Vice Kings won the toss and decided to attack Sunshine Autos first. Referees Present [DU]VCPR, [MK]iBEE_tH3_RuL3R, [MK]Spiller, AnaLiZator^, [RT]Martyrdom, [VU]OmaRosh, [VU_T]Mody Replay Link Match streamed by Milko on Twitch. Round Logs 1. Sunshine Autos (VK Attacking) 2. Sunshine Autos (TJOD Attacking) 3. Leaf Links (VK Attacking) 4. Leaf Links (TJOD Attacking) 5.
  6. I've sent you a PM with a new password. Please change your password after you are able to log in.
  7. VCMP can't keep track of hit positions of certain weapons. That is why hitting vehicle with one of the following will not give you any credit: Explosives (RPG / Grenade) Incendiaries (Molotovs / Flamethrower) Shotguns Snipers All melee weapons However I may have a workaround to this, I'll try my best because I hate this myself.
  8. All the best to both teams. See you on Friday, 13 GMT. A timer has been set.
  9. Final Score Miami Khanate [ 5 ] vs [ 1 ] Kashi Arena Bases Played Ammunation Roof North Point Brawl Fullmoon Mall Kashi Arena won the toss and decided to attack Ammunation Roof first. Referees Present [RT]Martyrdom, [vu]ROyo, [DU]VCPR, =TLA=Deko, [DUz]3more, AnaLiZator^, [du]tox1cn00dl3, [VU_T]Mody Replay Link Match streamed by Milko on Twitch. Round Logs 1. Ammunation Roof (KA Attacking) 2. Ammunation Roof (MK Attacking) 3. North Point Brawl (KA Attacking) 4. North Point Brawl (MK Attacking)
  10. Kashi Arena wants to postpone the match by 30 minutes. On mutual agreement, it has been shifted to 15:30 GMT.
  11. Team name was updated.
  12. AOE wallglitch is not disallowed. Everything else is. RPG is modified, same as casual mode.
  13. Training Servers Need a practice server? If you're a captain and require a practice server for your team. Please reply here or contact me on discord. Do note that training servers can not be hosted at present moment because some base changes are pending. Once they are done, servers will be hosted. Operation mode Account registration will be disabled in training servers, you'll need to have an account in order to join. Rounds can be played without any players in training servers. Teambalancer and autostart are set to off. Database will be in readonly mode.
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