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  1. Hi Rest, I've allocated you a server on port 4480. You'll find the details on your forum inbox.
  2. May 26 '22 Razor has been added to the team as a Scripter.
  3. May 24, '22 [RT]Bloodedge has been accepted in the team as an Associate.
  4. Final Score The Professional Clan [2] vs [6] Vice Force Bases Played Bank Job Ammunation Roof Film Studio Bikers vs Museum Referees Present [MK]Spiller, [RT]ZeeX., [u1]Lederhos, [MK]Aegon Round Logs 1. Bank Job (Attackers: The Professional Clan) 2. Bank Job (Attackers: Vice Force) 3. Ammunation Roof (Attackers: The Professional Clan) 4. Ammunation Roof (Attackers: Vice Force) 5. Film Studio (Attackers: The Professional Clan) 6. Film Studio (Attackers: Vice Force) 7. Bikers vs Museum (
  5. Formatted the post to make it readable for humans. Bases can be mentioned on this topic or during the match. Server will not be locked since spectators are allowed, spawn passwords will be sent to captains 15 minutes prior commencement of match. Registrations can NOT be done in the event server, make sure all the participants have their account registered and approved before match.
  6. Same person as below: Denied.
  7. Alright I believe you did not know much about it in the past. But you do now, don't you? If you realize you not only imitated OneVice but outright mocked it. Instead of coming here with apologies, you come here put forward demands and school us about MISTAKES, seriously? I have no words except ofcourse you've managed to zero down on all of your chances here.
  8. Final Score Kaptaan Warriors [4] vs [4] Wehshi Warriors Bases Played Sunshine AutosRock CityBikers vs MuseumAmmunation Roof Referees Present [MK]Spiller, TLA.AnaLiZator^, Halal_Squad, Ulkz0r Replay Link Streamed live by [DU]_CoLa_Sky on YouTube. Round Logs 1. Sunshine Autos (Attackers: Wehshi Warriors) 2. Sunshine Autos (Attackers: Kaptaan Warriors) 3. Rock City (Attackers: Wehshi Warriors) 4. Rock City (Attackers: Kaptaan Warriors) 5. Bikers vs Museum (Attackers: Wehshi Warriors) 6. Bikers vs
  9. According to latest information, the match is supposed to take place at 17 GMT. Server has been set up with the said settings with the exception of spectators being disallowed since one of the teams doesn't agree to it. Spawn limit is set to 5 for now, it can be changed later on if teams decide it to be 6. Server and spawn passwords will be sent only to captains 15 minutes prior to the match. Base list can be posted here or ingame during the match as long as there's mutual agreement. I'd like to warn beforehand that there might be lack of staff availability as today is a weekday a
  10. March 16, '22 ZeeX has been promoted to Administrator.
  11. After a thorough discussion amongst staff, we have came to a conclusion that we do not want to give you another chance. Ever since you got your last one, you haven't been much grateful about it, displayed the worst behavior to staff one possibly could, be it arrogance or taunts. There is no reason to believe you will be upto any good if we give you another one, especially since crash attempts have resurfaced. Locked.
  12. March 27, '22 Sections 1.5, 1.8 and 2.1 were updated. Section 1.13 was added. Summary Wallglitch with shotguns has been allowed despite being disabled on the map, until there's a fix for the VCMP bug. Wallglitch with snipers through chain of objects is disallowed, wallglitch with flamethrower is allowed. As no-shoot zone was removed, shooting through cars is disallowed. Maximum use of /ignore is encouraged, staff can not jump into personal matters everytime.
  13. I'd like to open up more about the "ties with crashers/attackers" topic. That incident was more than just cheating, because that was felonious at community scale. RTV was at the center of the incident, partially because the perpetrator was hell bent to go out of his line to take things up his ass and partially because we were the only ones actively trying to show that we will not fall to such egocentric shmucks. Obviously except for the few others who decided to gain immunity by letting the attackers decide the direction of their servers, I personally, will never forget that. It was frust
  14. March 16, '22 Berkay Khan / ELK has been reinstated to his original rank.
  15. Final Score The Resurgence [6] vs [2] Ultimate Insurrectionists Bases Played Ammunation Roof Washington Brawl Haitian Drug Factory Rock City Referees Present [MK]Spiller, [MK]Berkay_Khan, [du]pavonis, [MKs]Martyrdom, [DU]_CoLa_Sky Replay Link Streamed live on YouTube. Round Logs 1. Ammunation Roof (Attackers: The Resurgence) 2. Ammunation Roof (Attackers: Ultimate Insurrectionists) 3. Washington Brawl (Attackers: The Resurgence) 4. Washington Brawl (Attackers: Ultimate Insurrectionists) 5. Haitian
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