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  1. My mates suggested 15 GMT, seems like its too late for them 17.
  2. Group B: MK vs KA ends with a score of 5-1 to Miami Khante!
  3. Hey, yes ofc it would be a pleasure. TLA needs a server
  4. I'm thinking to do it the next weekend (not this one), I'll have to talk with my teammates but if everything is ok, from 17 GMT to 19 is our best timezone
  5. Transferred!
  6. I, =TLA=Deko., acknowledge the rules and my participation in the event as a member of The Last Alliance.
  7. Team Name: The Last Alliance Team Captain: =TLA=Deko. Second Captain: =TLA=juan* Team Members: • =TLA=Karna • TLA.V1SION. • =TLA=FulToN_619 • =TLA=Fortune • =TLA=GoRcEE • =TLA=RaideN. • =TLA=SanaullaH^
  8. I'm agree on a replace, a 4th skin that replace the taximan. There are many good skins that will look so much better and doesn't need a rework to be able to play properly.
  9. In-game Nickname: [R3V]Gohan. Timezone: -3 GMT (Argentina ) Time spent in VCMP: I'm playing since 2012. Daily, everytime I have free you will see me playing or active on discord. (dekO^#9094) Do you fully understand the server rules, or otherwise, the Code of Conduct: Absolutely yes, I do understand the Code of Conduct and server rules. Do you have any past experience as a staff member: LW Adminstrator, SkyWars Adminstrator, EAD Moderator, VCDC S5 Referee, VCDC S6 Referee, Evolution DeathMatch Administrator, Manager of [R3V] Kill Confirmed TDM and EAD LEAGUE II Referee. Why would
  10. Install it aswell, i'll appreciate it. (IPS)
  11. Personal Details Name: Deko E-mail address: evidenciavcmp@gmail.com Forum Details Forum Name: XE Server VC:MP 0.4 Preferred Domain: xe-server.vcmp.net Purpose for forum: Staff team of XE now needs to administrate the server properly, so we need this.
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