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  2. AC/DC - Highway to Hel -
  3. The current end sequence music have been sticking around for too long. I believe a lot of us have been wanting some change by now. If you have some suggestions, please post them here. Current list: Castle - Halsey (YouTube) Insomnia - Daya (YouTube) Big Plans - Why Don't We (YouTube) Centuries - Fall Out Boy (YouTube) Feel It Still - Portugal. The Man (YouTube) Hall Of Fame - The Script (YouTube) Angel With A Shotgun - The Cab (YouTube) Dancin' - Aaron Smith (YouTube) Dota - Basshunter (YouTube) Everybody Loves Me - OneRepubl
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  5. We are ready. 27th 5:00 PM - Pakistani Time.
  6. Rest

    Command bug

    Yes, it is fixed, good job!
  7. Hi, let me discuss with my teammates
  8. Sorry for the late response. This weekend is not an option for us. Our proposal is next weekend between 15 GMT to 19 GMT. Any day is fine (Sunday or Saturday).
  9. Spiller

    Command bug

    Should be fixed now.
  10. Rest

    Command bug

    As I join the server it tells me to login However, after trying /login <password> it prints:
  11. Well our purpose is today 15 GMT.
  12. Personal Details Name: MR_SK E-mail address: sk1431298@gmail.com Server Details Server Name: [0.4]Dead Or Alive Port: any port Playerslots: 100 Gamemode Explanation: Its An DM Server.
  13. I've provided you with a server, please check your forum PM for the details.
  14. After a brief usage of abusive content, I have arrived at a fix for tracking hits by explosives. Although it might not be accurate, you can get an idea from vito's post. Each hit with an explosive on the target vehicle will reward a score of 10. Effective from next server restart. Other said weapons remain to stay broken.
  15. How about this Sunday 25th 17 GMT?
  16. Well i have to discuss with my team will get back to you guys soon.
  17. Are you guys up for this weekend? We could go with late nights as well.
  18. Hello There Veterans. Whatsup!. i m going to say that can we do it on 25th?.
  19. Round 2 Matches Complete list of matches can be found on this topic or at challonge. Group A Vice Kings vs The Veterans The Carjacking Agency [VU#2] vs The Jailers of The Damned. The Last Alliance will sit out for this round. Group B Vice Underdogs vs Ancient Pharaohs [VU#3] Kashi Arena vs Mad Resurrection Miami Khanate will sit out for this round. Deadline All the above matches are to be completed on or before 1st August. Bases The bases to be played in this round are: Group A [04] Airport C
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  21. Final Score Mad Resurrection [ 5 ] vs [ 1 ] Vice Underdogs Bases Played Ammunation Roof North Point Brawl Printworks Mad Resurrection won the toss and decided to attack Ammunation Roof first. Referees Present [DU]VCPR, [VU]Ulker, [MKs]Aegon, [MK]Ibee, [DU]Pavonis, [Vu]Lederhos Replay Link Match streamed by ibee on YouTube Round logs 1. Ammunation roof (MR attacking) 2. Ammunation Roof (VU attacking)
  22. Final Score The Last Alliance [ 6 ] vs [ 0 ] The Carjacking Agency Bases Played Sunshine Autos Leaf Links Washington Brawl Vice Underdogs won the toss and decided to defend Leaf Links first. Referees Present [MK]iBEE_tH3_RuL3R, [MK]Spiller, AnaLiZator^, [RT]Martyrdom, [VU_T]Mody, [DU]Pavonis, [MK]Berkay_Kahn, [MKs]Aegon Replay Link Match streamed by ibee on YouTube Round Logs 1. Leaf Links (TLA attacking)
  23. Final Score The Jailers of The Damned [ 4 ] vs [ 2 ] Vice Kings Bases Played Sunshine Autos Leaf Links Phils Place Vice Kings won the toss and decided to attack Sunshine Autos first. Referees Present [DU]VCPR, [MK]iBEE_tH3_RuL3R, [MK]Spiller, AnaLiZator^, [RT]Martyrdom, [VU]OmaRosh, [VU_T]Mody Replay Link Match streamed by Milko on Twitch. Round Logs 1. Sunshine Autos (VK Attacking) 2. Sunshine Autos (TJOD Attacking) 3. Leaf Links (VK Attacking) 4. Leaf Links (TJOD Attacking) 5.
  24. Personal Details Name: Kalee E-mail address: kaleemkh72@gmail.com Server Details Server Name: VC MP Server Port: 9858 Playerslots: 100 Gamemode Explanation: ru v1.0
  25. Personal Details Name: Omar E-mail address: jan.lahore786@gmail.com Server Details Server Name: Omar Freeroam Port: Any free Port. Playerslots: 30 Gamemode Explanation: Deathmatch/Freeroam.
  26. Unfortunately we cannot do much changes to the timing here as 17 GMT is the latest most of our team members can afford so we do not have much flexibility sadly.
  27. We suggest 19 GMT. Due to lockdown, our some members have Sunday on. I would really appreciate if we can play at 19.
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