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  2. Name: BuilderDemo7 E-mail address: psgameplays245@gmail.com Server Information Server Name: SKinny Roads Server Port: An Available Port or 1927 Playerslots: 28 Gamemode Name: Deathmatch & others
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  4. why no one answer my request?
  5. Name: Sandisk E-mail address: iamhuman030@gmail.com Server Details Server Name: Rino Deathmatch Server Port: 1055 or or any available Playerslots: 100 Gamemode Explanation: RinoD.S
  6. Port assigned: 8899 I've sent the credentials, check inbox.
  7. Personal Details Name:[MD]Broly E-mail address: Server Details Server Name: New York City Server Port: 8192 ? ( or any available ) Playerslots: 100 Gamemode Explanation: Deathmatch
  8. Hello, i left vc-mp 1 year ago and now came back, learnt some scripting and i'd like my server back I need to host NWC ( it is ready and in playable state ) Thanks
  9. Personal Details Name:Kingston E-mail address: headshotkingston@gmail.com Server Details Server Name: [0.4] Vice City Hunter Port: 2501 Playerslots: 100 Gamemode Explanation: Deathmatch
  10. Hello. How do I host my own server? I'm in Azerbaijan but I want to host my own server to play with my friends. My server is ready, all I need is a hosting please help me i want it to be free
  11. Roster Team 1 [KFr]Ronaldo^ (Captain) [KF]BlaZy^ [KF]Sevi [KFt]Legend_619 =KF=T. [KF_R]SkullBasteR* Substitutes: [KFt]Adhem^ [KFt]Lynch [KFt]AineX [KF]Sofiaislove [KF]Syne [KFr]Insidious^ Team 2 VF.Oine (Captain) VF.Boby [VF]Xp [VF]Kz. [VF]Fight [VF]BeeznOz Details Date: 27/6/2022 Time: 7 PM GMT+5 Bases We don't know any base so we will choose in the server. Settings Maximum spawn limit: 5 or 4 Wallglitch: On Round duration: 8 Rounds Spectators allowed: Yes for members of the war Li
  12. Hi Rest, I've allocated you a server on port 4480. You'll find the details on your forum inbox.
  13. Personal Details Name: Rest E-mail address: 605891124@qq.com Server Details Server Name: Drive-by Server (v1.0) Port: 4480 Playerslots: 100 Gamemode Explanation: a simple Drive-by server
  14. Name successfully changed from [VU_R]Domek to Domek.
  15. Current Nickname: [VU_R]Domek New Nickname: Domek Reason: tag removal
  16. May 26 '22 Razor has been added to the team as a Scripter.
  17. May 24, '22 [RT]Bloodedge has been accepted in the team as an Associate.
  18. Hello there! Thank you for your patience during this time. Majority of the staff members have shown confidence in you and hence your application is being accepted. We warmly welcome you into our team as an Associate. Many Congratulations.
  19. Your application has been noted, please wait patiently while the staff discusses the application. Reminder: Do not post something on the application if you are not the applicant or do not have anything valuable.
  20. In-game Nickname: [RT]Bloodedge Timezone: GMT +3. Time spent in VCMP: 10 years, playing since 2012. Do you fully understand the server rules, or otherwise, the Code of Conduct: Yes of course. Do you have any past experience as a staff member: Yes. I do have some past and current experience as a staff member: *Manager at VKs Official Server: (2014-2020) *Moderator at Littlewhiteys: (2022-Present) Why would you like to join the staff team: I wanna help out in moderating the server to keep it clean from rulebreakers and a peaceful platform
  21. Final Score The Professional Clan [2] vs [6] Vice Force Bases Played Bank Job Ammunation Roof Film Studio Bikers vs Museum Referees Present [MK]Spiller, [RT]ZeeX., [u1]Lederhos, [MK]Aegon Round Logs 1. Bank Job (Attackers: The Professional Clan) 2. Bank Job (Attackers: Vice Force) 3. Ammunation Roof (Attackers: The Professional Clan) 4. Ammunation Roof (Attackers: Vice Force) 5. Film Studio (Attackers: The Professional Clan) 6. Film Studio (Attackers: Vice Force) 7. Bikers vs Museum (
  22. Formatted the post to make it readable for humans. Bases can be mentioned on this topic or during the match. Server will not be locked since spectators are allowed, spawn passwords will be sent to captains 15 minutes prior commencement of match. Registrations can NOT be done in the event server, make sure all the participants have their account registered and approved before match.
  23. Roster TpC [TpC]Snoopi (Captain) [TpC]Villam [TpC]K.K [TpC]K.E.M.A.L [TpC]Killer [TpC]TheA.S.T VF [VF]Oine (Captain) [VF]Boby [VF]ROBb1N [VF_J]fight [VF_A]Naymar Details Date: Today Time: 16 GMT [9:00 PM PK ; 6:00 PM Hungary] Bases 2 per team Settings Maximum spawn limit: 5 Wallglitch: on Round duration: [default] Spectators allowed: yes Limits Ping: 350 FPS drop: [default] Jitter: 50 Max warns before kick: 3 Set limits: [default]
  24. =F2=Killer_Frost has been banned for 6mo from RTV and VCMP Community. (F1 Hacks Usage) Resolved.
  25. Locked due to Inactivity.
  26. Same person as below: Denied.
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