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Rob The Vehicle (IV)
 Server Information 

This post contains basic information about the server and its gamemode. 
You can use this post to find a pathway if you are new here and looking for where to start.


Connection Information
IP: vcmp.net:5192
Version: v4.2 (stable)
Files*: https://rtv.vcmp.net/rtv-files.zip 
* VCMP downloads serverfiles over UDP, which is slow, you can manually place these files in %appdata%\VCMP\04beta\store

The Gamemode
Two teams - attackers and defenders - fight through the base revolving around the target vehicle. Attackers steal the vehicle and deliver it to their checkpoint before the timer runs out while the defenders withstand them.

Each base consists of 2 rounds of 6 minutes each, sides are switched* at the end of each round. 
* A switch swaps attacking team with defending and their roles.

Registration and account approval
Registration is disabled in-game due to security reasons, if your account is not registered and approved when you connect to the server, you will get kicked instantly. To play in the server, please follow the steps below:


1. Register on the webpanel.
2. Contact a staff member and ask them to approve your account, provide them your alias and previous nicknames. 
    You can join our discord to approach staff members.
3. Join the server with the registered nickname after your account gets approved.

Please keep in mind, you can only have 1 account, you can change your username through the webpanel.
Accounts are synced across OneVice servers, you can use the same account for them.


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