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  1. I've provided you with a server, please check your forum PM for the details.
  2. I have assigned you a MySQL database on the panel. You can check the usage details in the databases tab. In case of any doubt, just reply to this topic. I'll lock it after 3 days. Regards, Anish
  3. Anish


    Oki, I'm closing the topic, sorry for the inconvenience.
  4. Hi @Jimmy, I've provided you a host. I'll send you the details in your forum PM in a bit.
  5. Anish


    @Y4223R.Man, sorry for the delay... I've been busy with college admissions and stuff so couldn't do the work. Please reply ASAP if you still need it, we'll provide it quickly.
  6. The port 8192 is not available, so I've assigned you with the port 8195. The server has been assigned, details will be sent to your forum PM in a while.
  7. I said at least 3 days, anyways wait til tomorrow cuz PC ain't accessible rn, I'll check a few details of yours and reply here regarding whatever decision I made.
  8. The forum has been assigned at nlw.vcmp.net. In case of any problems, create a support ticket in support category. Regards, Anish Services Manager
  9. You're too impatient, now wait for at least next 3 days.
  10. Alright, I've provided you the host on your existing account.
  11. Hey there, @vito2. You already have one host assigned on OneVice and since you're asking for a hosting for map editor. Can't you use it on localhost?
  12. Your files are too large in size, please reduce the size of your file and/or remove the unnecessary files. I have removed the Windows related files from your server, please make sure you don't copy paste the .dll and .exe files into the host, they won't work and will increase disk space usage. Issue resolved. Topic closed.
  13. I've provided a server to you, account details have been sent in your forum PM. Make sure you check your forum notifications.
  14. SERVERS CURRENTLY BEING HOSTED BY ONEVICE This is the list of VCMP servers which are currently being hosted by OneVice along with their owners tagged, in case you are not using the server anymore please PM me about it on Discord or forum so we can terminate your hosting account. Vice City Deathmatch Server - @Roystang Public DM Server - @vito / @vito2 TLA Private Lobby - @Luchgox24 Deadly Rivals Private Server - @Waleed TFK Private Lobby - @Ulrich MD Private Server - @Hazard R3V - Kill Confirmed - @Pumak47 Arbiter Official DM Server - @Mr.
  15. Anish


    Hi @Y4223R., it's been a while since your application... Please gimme a heads up if you still need the forum.
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