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  1. Well our purpose is today 15 GMT.
  2. Well i have to discuss with my team will get back to you guys soon.
  3. Hello @Spiller <The Veterans> Need a training Server Regards The Veterans Captain. Mr.F!zZ*
  4. I, <Mr.F!zZ*>, acknowledge the rules and my participation in the event as a member of <The Veterans.>.
  5. Team Name: The Veterans. Team Captain:Mr.F!zZ*. Second Captain:=FV=Vendita. Team Members: [F2]Skullcandy. KFt.6iX1Ne9iNeee. YoungBoy^. Prince. Sos^. Nassim^. Tchin.
  6. Nickname: Mr.F!zZ* Past Experience: No exp of Referee.
  7. Current Nick: Mr.F!zZ*R New Nick: Mr.F!zZ* Reason for Changing the Nick: Gang Tag is not necessary now kthnx
  8. In-game nick: Mr.F!zZ* Reported player's nick: Aim69^ / Burak Date/Time: Today before 2 hours Reason for report: Aimlock usage Extra Info: (If Any): as he was suspected almost in every server for aimlock usage and never caught with proper proof so i am hereby with a clear proof of his aimlock. He was using aimlock in ec and i recorded. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hr80psCRYNY
  9. @SpillerI am his brother he still need the host.he forgot his forum account pass so i replied to this topic with my account. Thnx
  10. Hey @Berkay Khan I Want To Move On IPS Forum As Soon As Possible.Pls Do It Fast As I Said You On Discord That I Closed My Old Forum So I Need Forum.Thanks Mr.F!zZ*/Mr.Moon
  11. Hello @Berkay Khan its Mistakly Happend He Was Applying From His Account He Didn't Checked Account
  12. Personal Details Name: =SK=Mr.Traver^ E-mail address: rayanahmed306@gmail.com Server Details Server Name:Revolement Server Port: 8942 Playerslots: 100 Gamemode Explanation: RP
  13. @Berkay KhanBrother Are You Forgot?.
  14. ok Brother SMF .Sorry For Late Reply
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