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Rob The Vehicle IV - Releasing 25th April

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Rob The Vehicle (IV)
 25th April, '21 
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We announced the release of TDW six months ago, it has been a long way from there.
Today, we are announcing the release of OneVice's next mainstream project.
Mark your calendars! Sunday 25th of April at 16 GMT is the big day.


(  Footage by Firecum / Karna )
The server will remain in beta state for a brief period as new features are still being introduced.
The last beta test will be held soon after this message has been posted. Join to have some fun.

to our beta testers
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We will forever owe a favor to the people who put aside some time to not only take part in server's test phases
but also actively making suggestions and reporting bugs as they occurred.

RTV has long taken its place in our hearts. We are now bringing back the love.

This wouldn't have been possible without your help! Thank you everyone.


Team OneVice.


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