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  1. Personal Details Name: [Sb]Hunter E-mail address: husnainaligeeabc@gmail.com Server Details Server Name: Extreme Death Match Port: 8190 Playerslots: 100 Gamemode Explanation: (Sq v2.1)
  2. Personal Details Name:[Sb]Hunter E-mail address: nasirnadeem628@gmail.com Server Details Server Name: Extreme Death Match server Port: 8190 Playerslots: 100 Gamemode Explanation:Sb pls Admin give me 1 chance i never disturb anyone and never do anything bad pls sry give me
  3. thanks vito for the information @AnishSir i know he warned me but this file agian disturb me so i asked him agian pls forgaved pls spiller sir i want my server back online sir i hope you guy do that pls guys
  4. Dear Admins , I am really appology for my mistake that I am very greedy for hosting my server but now my server is deleted so my heart is broken Really sry i disturb you all staff of onevice I can't understand what is the problem of mscv64 its permissions denied every time when i do my server update then I hope your forgaved me all guys I never do anything again First of all tell me how can i set permissions of this msvc64 and thanks for your pleasure to providing me a good host I am a annoying guy i think i am really appology for that onevice staff i need my server backonline i hop
  5. pls some one set the msvcc64 permissions and the server is online when i update my server this msvcc64 permissions are also denied.
  6. pls set my msvcnr64 permissions i have a new server
  7. @Berkay Khansir pls unblocked me on discord I will tell you something something improtant
  8. @Berkay Khan bahi apna ko pehlay bhi kaha tha ke msvqrel64 ko mena delete nai kiya aur na hi change kiya khuda ki kassam ab theek ha by god I am not telling a lie yeah ko or problem ha mena toh kabhi osko haat bhi nai lgaya pls help karain server ko back lana ma pls
  9. Ok @AnishSir I send you my problem into your discord in pm pls helped me to solved these
  10. hello admin @Berkay KhanSir i try to upload my image but it was very havey site my pc is hanging wo i can't upload any pic @AnishI said to you i will tell you my problems on discord pls unblocked me on discord I hope You will understand. @Berkay Khan @SpillerKindly helped me to solved this issue if we can't solved this issue kindly tell me how can i reset my forum and make everything from start
  11. Hey i know about this but I don't how can i post image with url or link
  12. bro how can i post screenshot he is telling me post link of screenshot so how can i upload screenshot sir help me
  13. pls reply me some one pls helped me
  14. Hello everyone, I want help about my forum ips I uploaded theme on my forum but it shows me error Like failed to send email and some more errors in my admincp Some one help me for fix this issues Kindly some one helped me pls I have issues my theme some one tell me how can i back up my forum to a test form and start everything form start with default theme and all
  15. pls sir i need ips server smf no need
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