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  1. Mind your tone and mend your way of communicating, this is a community forum, not your casual hangout zone. This is your final verbal warn. As for the other team delaying the match, they can delay it till the deadline of this group stage, not further than that. So have some patience and show some etiquettes during the mean time. @Exterminator these guys are waiting for your reply.
  2. I, [MK]iBEE_tH3_RuL3R., acknowledge the rules and my participation in the event as a member of MK - Miami Khanate.
  3. Follow the exact format of the acknowledgment please, just like how your teammates have done.
  4. Rob The Vehicle Championship '21 Bases List Enlisted are the bases on which Championship matches will be played on. Two bases will be announced with each set of deadlines. One base will be selected by a vote-ban system during the match. Vote ban system will provide 3 random bases. Each captain can ban 1 base out of these, one remaining base will be chosen as the last base. [01] Las Barrancas
  5. After analyzing the evidence video that you posted, it seems to me that he indeed can be suspected for the reason you have mentioned above. However, I would recommend you to try to record the suspect in RTV itself (or any other OneVice Server) so that we can further analyze the report and decide upon the decision that we're gonna handle this report with. This topic shall remain open for now in case you finally come up with some more evidence, especially the one you record in rtv, and decide to post it.
  6. Considering that it's the first time apparently that he did it in the public chat, I'll warn him for now. Feel more than free to report him again if he repeats it and he'll face a more harsh punishment. Locked.
  7. "Best and uncatchable VC:MP hacking" in a nutshell...
  8. Yes my man exactly, everyone here knows who has been "speaking less and grown more wiser" in game, on discord servers/channels as well as various community forums since the past couple of months, everyone knows that, cuz everyone's seen that. Glad to see that you realized it (ironic), and yeah, the poll shall be closed only when maximum number of people have voted OR expressed their views regarding this particular topic. The duration after which this topic will close will depend on the pace at which a quicker and a massive vote count is achieved.
  9. Ok so at one instant you say: "It's just now that some guys are weeping over a minor issue" and at the very next instant you say: "I will try hard not to let the taxi skin be removed..." And this just made me realize that you literally have no idea what you're saying and regarding what you're saying, honestly. The level of contradiction your statement have with respect to one another is just amazing and yet equally disappointing. Now to why players didn't complained about the exact same skin in other servers like the ones you mentioned above, it's totally up to them why they didn't complained,
  10. Only the bans that were legit and are enforced due to authentic evidences will be considered. We won't be jumping on the bandwagon of other servers, especially where players ended up getting banned just because they had a "bad reputation" OR that particular server's staff members had something "personal" with that particular player. Keeping hackers aside, a lot of players are being wrongfully reported and being punished nowadays in various servers as per what many of us have observed, so that's why, as I have said above, we won't be imposing bans/punishments straightaway, however, we'll be kee
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