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  1. Ülker

    Naam badlna

    Name successfully changed from AchaYaarAcha to =TLA=SanaullaH^.
  2. I, [VU]Ulker, acknowledge the rules and my participation in the event as a member of The Carjacking Agency [VU#2].
  3. Name successfully changed from Mody^ to [VU_T]Mody. Congratulations once again!
  4. Ülker

    Stats transfer

    Name successfully changed from Mr.F!zZ*R to Mr.F!zZ*.
  5. Fully agreed. No need to complicate things with custom 1 hit KO weapons, a simple health / armour boost is more than sufficient.
  6. Current Nickname: [VUr]Ulker New Nickname: [VU]Ulker Reason: Promoted to full VU
  7. I too have voted to remove / replace the Taxi skin. Apart from the main point that people have been raising about it's sync issues, especially against laggers, I feel like the main point of concern is just how much this cripples the M4 set because of it's reliance on headshots and not having a shotgun to fall back on like the M60 set does. Although I'm an M4 player myself, I've been finding it far more comfortable using the M60 set in RTV only after the implementation of the Taxi skin just because of how difficult it's become to get those headshots. VC:MP's bad sync has already given lagg
  8. In-game nickname: [VUr]Ulker Timezone: GMT ±0 Time spent in VC:MP: Since 2018 Do you fully understand the server rules, or otherwise, the Code of Conduct: Yes, I've gone over all of it and I fully understand. Do you have any past experience as a staff member: - VCCnR Mod/Admin, since 21/04/2020 - KotH Admin, since 16/03/2021 Why would you like to join the staff team: RTV has always been special to me, because it was the server that originally got me interested in DM and I’ve had countless hours of fun on it. I was devastated when I heard the news of the unfortunate incident
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