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  1. What about Saturday/Sunday 18 GMT?
  2. The decided schedule for this match is: Sunday 19 GMT.
  3. We suggest 19 GMT. Due to lockdown, our some members have Sunday on. I would really appreciate if we can play at 19.
  4. We would prefer 18th Sunday. Can’t do earlier than this. However, we can discuss the timings.
  5. I, [VU]Siezer, acknowledge the rules and my participation in the event as a member of Vice Underdogs.
  6. Team Name: Vice Underdogs Team Captain: [VU]Siezer Second Captain: [VU]aXXo Team Members: [VU]SMD [VU]MD619 [VU]Fercho [VU]Jokah [VU]Roystang [VU]Dr.Shawn [VU_T]Tic
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