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  1. Your application has been denied based on votes. Thank you for applying.
  2. Application has been denied based on votes.
  3. Thank you for applying. Your application has been denied.
  4. Your application has been denied.
  5. I, [MK]Berkay_Khan acknowledge the rules and my participation in the event as a member of MK - Miami Khanate.
  6. What about the forum software? SMF, MyBB or any other open source forum software.
  7. - - - - - ----------------------- - - - - - VICE CITY MULTIPLAYER - - - - - ----------------------- - - - - - Date: June 24, 2021 From: @Berkay Khan, Director, OneVice To: @Anish, @Spiller, @74zZ & VCMP Global Subject: Services Manager, OneVice Considering the continued expansion of OneVice Services and it's responsibilities, We decided to announce this position and assign it to one of our most dedicated staff members who have been a great help all this time w
  8. Hello, Your desired port is already taken by @shy353. I have assigned you with port 8000 and have sent you the host panel login details, check forum inbox.
  9. I have given you a 300MB space which is more than enough for a vcmp server. Also, you have like 174MB free atm. What are you on about?
  10. You already have a server running on OneVice host. I'm sorry I can't provide you another right now.
  11. Rob The Vehicle Championship '21 Applications Opened Hello everyone, it's our pleasure to announce to you Rob The Vehicle IV Championship! It will be a team built championship without any specific rules to how a team should look like. Gather a group of friends and apply together to rob as much vehicles as possible! This is how it works: • The team consists of 9 players as a maximum number, with 1 captain you decide among your team and 8 more players. • Before every set of matches, two bases will be a
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